Customer Testimonials

The identities of the prisoners who wrote the quotes below have been concealed so that no one who visits this site would be deterred from writing to them if their ads are currently posted.

It Has Changed My Life

"I have been on your site for a year. This year has been the best I've had during my incarceration. While on your site I met some wonderful, caring, smart and insightful penpals. With their help my year has flown by! Currently, I am deeply involved with a woman I met through your site and it's great! We have recently committed to each other and I couldn't be happier. I really appreciate and thank you for your website. Being on it has changed my life."

- Federal Inmate

Reassured Of My Worth

"Dear Sir/Madam, First off, let me say thanks for the service you provide to inmates. You've brightened many gloomy days in here. My high school sweetheart found me thru your service and I can't tell you how good it felt to be reassured of my worth by being "found" after over 20 years! Apparently she'd been Googling my name for years to no avail until I joined your site. This year, Conpals popped up and that had to be the best e-mail I ever got!"

- Pennsylvania Inmate

You Genuinely Care

"I sincerely appreciate you doing all you can to ensure that I was afforded every possible opportunity to receive mail through the Con-Pals (Inmate You show that you genuinely care, and it is obvious the world is a better place because of you. Thank you for caring enough about a man locked up all the way on the other side of the United States to make sure I receive a fair chance at having some sort of meaningful connection with a source outside of these prison walls... If anyone ever asks me I would only have positive things to say about this Pen-Pal Service."

- Pennsylvania Inmate

A Company Who Is Honest

"I really appreciate the excellent service and fast response your company provides, as well as how quickly you have gotten my web page set up and running. Thank you! When you have spent as much money as I have, it gives you a peace of mind to find a company who is honest and does what it says it will do. I was also amazed at the fact, there were NO typos in my ad at all, which has not always been the case with other penpal services that can take up to 6 weeks or longer to publish your ad and another 6 weeks or so to correct all the typos they make... I'm so happy your company exists, because it blows the rest out of the water."

- South Dakota Inmate

You Treat Me Right

“I have had the best results with you both times I joined your site…being a lifer who is happiest with love in his life, other inmates inquire as to how it happened. I always recommend your web site…I’m loyal to those who treat me right and you always did. You helped me tweak my ad here and there and I always received positive responses...your site rises above them all and I will always give praise to it, to others…If the day ever comes that I need your services again, I assure you that you’ll hear from me!”

- California Inmate

Overwhelmed With Responses

“Dear Carolyn, I appreciate your help with meeting so many new friends. This is my second time joining your site. I’ve had to cancel both times as I was overwhelmed with responses…will continue to share the good fortune that I’ve had with your site, and will recommend it to all inmates…  Thanks again. Kindest Regards,”

- California Inmate

The Luckiest Man Alive

“Dear Conpals, I want to thank you for your help in making me the luckiest man alive by connecting me with the most beautiful person that I just adore…I’m asking that you please remove my ad from your site…I wish you all the best and God bless you for you blessed me by connecting me with an angel…Again Thank you! Your website should have been called Cupidpals ”

- Virginia Inmate

Worth Every Penny

- Texas Inmate


“That booklet really lent insight; I’m glad I chose to wait for it before writing my ad. You should explain its importance a bit more in your brochure. I am a writer and it was invaluable to what I wrote.”

- California Inmate

Mail Every Day

“…I am getting so many responses – I get mail every day! (and they are quality responses!)…I greatly appreciate all that you do & promise to promote your company to everyone I meet! I look so forward to doing much more business with you, to include blogs, front page placement…etc!”

- Texas Inmate

Found The Love Of My Life

“…due to your website I have found the love of my life. We are due to be married next month. If it wasn’t for your site I must say I didn’t think I was going to find that special one. But I did. I want to say thank you and your website. Sincerely, a very pleased customer.”

- California Inmate

The Best Penpal Site In The World

“May you please discontinue my profile…I have found that special lady through your services. And we are planning on getting married this year through the prison chapel…Thank you so much. This is by far the best penpal site in the world!”

- Federal Inmate

Thanks For The Happiness

“The first week I had my ad on your site I met a wonderful person and have developed a good relationship with her that has promise for the future. Along the way I have also made a number of friends, who look to be in my life for a long time to come. I am writing to request that you remove me from your site since I have made enough friends and no longer require your service. I am continually recommending you to my friends. If in the future I decide to do this again, your site will definitely get my business. Thank you for your service. Again my deepest thanks for the happiness you have had a hand in bringing into my life.”

- Oregon Inmate

Reacquainted With Love

“Thank you so much for your service for I have been reacquainted with a past love from 30 years ago. Things are going great and I only see better things coming my way. I respectfully request that you stop my service (ASAP). I truly do thank you and I am telling everyone how great you are. Thank you so much.”

- Oregon Inmate

Met My Girlfriend

“I’ve been on your site twice in the past three years and referred all inmates who ask, to you…I cancelled my ad both times, after 6 months, because I found someone whom I found an interest in. And when inmates see me happy and asking where I met my girlfriend, I tell them about your site. Simply put, I refer everyone to you because you have the best site and respond to my requests in a timely manner. And I will continue to do so.”

- California Inmate

Loved, Appreciated, Needed, and Valued

- California Inmate

I’ve Reconnected

“I just wanted to thank you very much…I’ve reconnected with old childhood friends. And receiving the emails from family and friends has been great. It is more convenient for those on the go, which most of them are always on the go. Thank you for everything…Tony.”

- California Inmate

How Reaching Your Website Is

“Dear Conpals, Just a note to say that I received an email from way over in Texas, from someone that knew me from the early 70’s in California. This proved how reaching your website is…I will renew when the time arrives. Thank you, very very much, for this wonderful service.”

- Oregon Inmate

So Much Fun

“Kudos!...Wow!! You’ve a great website, I’ve been trying to seriously for 6 yrs, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars, but never have I received this many responses…Thank you!...I am having so much fun, I am afraid not to have some extra features (.”

- Federal Inmate

Out-Performs The Competitors

“I am a repeat customer to your website. I was very pleased with the quality/quantity of pen-pals during my 1st year with your website. Your service out-performs your competitors by far!...I look forward to continuing business with your company.”

- Texas Inmate


“I have been on almost every web-site known to man, some of them twice. But by far yours is the best. I’ve received so much mail from your site it’s like too good to be true. Now all the inmates in my housing unit want to know where I’m getting all the mail from  alt=""> …I don’t even care about extending my time because I’m content with all the mail I received in four short weeks. And I just want to see other inmates get the blessings that I have.”

- Federal Inmate

Efficient & Prompt

- Oregon Inmate

Everything I Could Hope For

"I first got on your website the last week of July and have received several replies already. I have nothing but good words for your company and the webpage that was assigned to me. In the 3 months I've been active with Inmate Connections I have been getting mail from England, Canada and all around the USA. But I would like for you to remove my name from your list because I have been fortunate enough to find a beautiful woman who is everything I could hope for. I want to thank you for all your assistance, without your website I would have never had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful woman. I highly recommend Inmate Connections to my friends and associates."

- Federal Inmate

Utterly Fantastic

"The reason for this letter is just to commend you on the utterly fantastic job you did on creating my webpage! I was just blown away at the level of professionalism put into it. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Being a prisoner, it leaves you in a position to be really taken advantage of. And, having to accept whatever level of inadequacy may be thrust upon us. It is obvious that some time and consideration went into the construction of my web page! For that, I am extremely grateful..."

- Federal Inmate

I Am Very Pleased

"I would like to thank you so much for helping me after 16-1/2 long hard incarcerated years in finding my forever soul-mate. I am very pleased with your Website's effort in helping incarcerated offenders in reaching out to society looking for love, friendship and support. Your website connection should be at the top of the list rated No# 1 for helping offenders in finding their life soulmates...Therefore, if possible, I would like to have my add to be removed from your website. However, I can not thank you enough for doing such a great job for helping those who are incarcerated in finding love and support in the real world.”

- New Jersey Inmate

Exceptional Service

"I would like to thank you for all of the exceptional service your company has afforded me. There has been not one problem with anything your company has offered me in the months that my ad has been on line. Due to the overwhelming responses I have received I am unable to write any more people, plus I have found that special someone who will be there for me now in this time of need. I would ask that you please remove me from your listings but know that the months that I have been on-line have been enjoyable ones. Please know also that I will continue to refer others to your service."

- Federal Inmate

An Awesome Website

“…I’d like to thank you for running such an awesome website. I’ve placed ads on 3 different web sites. And you guys were the fastest. I received letters within two weeks after sending my money and ad. Other websites have taken 6 to 8 weeks to even post my profile. So thank so much for such great business.”

- Kentucky Inmate


“…I have been hearing from a friend of 20 years once a week versus the 2 to 3 month intervals he was prone to before. Such long standing connections are literally one-of-a-kind in my life and your service is now priceless to me.”

- Arkansas Inmate

Dedication Speaks Volumes

“First and foremost, I want to say that I am beyond thankful for the wonderful service that you provide for those of us behind these walls and fences that confine us. The dedication that you put into making sure your website provides the very best service, speaks volumes about you!! And I am truly privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so appropriate! It is truly a gift that’s appreciated to the utmost!! However, I am requesting to have my ad removed because I have met a very lovely, caring, and committed woman through your website, and that’s all I need!! Again, I am beyond thankful for your service because if there was no you, there would be no me!! You are the best!”

- Federal Inmate

Friendships & Pure Positive Intentions

“…I wanted to personally mention and “thank you” for your services. Through your company and the good work that your company has done to help inmates from all over the USA reach out and establish friendships and pure positive intentions through your help and work and with this said just to send this letter and also mention you can go ahead and delete my ad…I have found several good friends through your company and I am well off…I know that my date for my ad to expire isn’t until June of this year but I am good and appreciate the help and with the friends that I have now I am fine and not taking anything for granted and blessed along with being able to appreciate the people who correspond with me now and again….Thank you!!!”

- Texas Inmate

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